Looking for the best places bars and restaurants in Coral Bay?
Owners restaurant guide Coral Bay

Let us help you. This is the coral bay restaurant guide that we give to our guests, it’s full of good tips contact information etc for good places to eat.

From couples to families, fine dining to fast food we have compiled this guide after sampling most of the eateries ourselves

(over the course of a few years may we add!)

Owners’ Restaurant Guide Coral Bay

We have put together a few of our favourite places to eat and drink in and around Coral Bay

EatingPhidias Restaurant

  1. Phidias Tavern – locally owned for over 30 years Phidias and his team serve up good local dishes at a very reasonable price. Open for lunch and for dinner every day through the summer. Located off the end of the Paphos end of the Coral Bay strip. Telephone 26621018. www.phidiastavern.com
  1. Trattoria La Vigna – lovely Italian restaurant at the Paphos end of the Coral Bay strip. A traditional Italian restaurant with a very wide choice of dishes. Not cheap but generally good quality. Telephone +357 26813755. www.trattoria-lavigna.com
  1. SiDaYes – a lovely French restaurant again just off the Paphos end of the Coral Bay strip. Very good a la carte menu. Serving French and Mediterranean dishes. More expensive than a lot of restaurants in Coral Bay but worth it especially for a special occasion. Nice touches like free still water and bread basket. Telephone 99341414. No website but it has a Facebook page and reviews on Trip Advisor.
  1. Restaurant Seriani – located in the middle of the Coral Bay strip. A traditional Cypriot restaurant serving a very large menu of local food. Telephone 26621515. www.serianirestaurant.com
  1. Andria – again located in the middle of the Coral Bay strip. This is a good steak place. Again slightly more expensive than the traditional tavernas but worth it. Telephone 00357 26622622. www.andriarestaurant.co.uk
  1. Samisen Teppanyaki – located on the Coral Bay strip. Excellent Teppanyaki and really good fun for adults and children. Recommended that you book in the summer particularly on a weekend. Telephone +357 26622243. www.samisenjapanese.com
  1. Othello’s – located on the Coral Bay strip – traditional taverna. Decent breakfast too if you fancy eating out for breakfast. Telephone 26621183
  1. Chalkies – located on the Coral Bay strip. Good for breakfast.


  1. ONiros – located between Coral Bay and Sea Caves on the bottom road. Lovely location with a sea view. Excellent for cocktails (all fresh fruit) and they can make anything you ask for. Also does food now which is very good. Our favourite place for cocktails. Telephone +357 993722255.
  1. Dionysos – located on the Coral Bay strip. A large bar which also does food. Standard cocktails are good (but strong!). Large outdoor space. Telephone 26343500
  1. Neos – sports bar up the hill towards Pegia.
  1. Kikkos – bar located on the Coral Bay strip